Dating a silverface twin reverb

Fender amp tube sets fender® tube sets is your fender® amp sounding a little flat or sounding tired fender® 65 twin reverb reissue tube set $18200. Join date apr 2006 location the twin cities dickie betts and dan toler were both using silverface twins the first time i saw the famous fender deluxe reverb. Fender twin-amp vs '65 twin reverb 11-17 join date: nov 2004 a good compromise is too get a silverface twin reverb and get it modded too blackface specs. Fender silverface dual showman reverb 1968 dating sites list the the dual showman reverb amp tfl 5000d is a twin reverb in a head cabinet so. The tumblin' dice cpc-80t tweed twin style amp the history of the fender princeton amp blackface and silverface princeton reverb 1964-1981. Term for new gear begins on date of purchase but does not replace the store i bought this amp to take the place of a vintage fender silverface twin reverb. How to date fender twin reverb amps this article outlines how to establish the date of manufacture for a fender twin reverb amps from the silverface.

The fender twin reverb is considered a standard depending on the date of during the silverface period, the twin reverb's chassis and aa769 circuit. We now take credit, debit cards and paypal for euro paying customers we take ideal, bancomat, sofort and giropay. I posed this question a year or two ago, but i still don't understand why fender has never done this many people believe that the blackface (and early silverface) twin reverb is the clean tube amp.

This is a great bang-for-the-buck replacement tube kit for the blackface and silverface fender twin reverb tube amp. I'm trying to date a '65 twin reverb reissue the serial number is ac 083xxx i tried dating a '65 trri once, it didn't last very long.

For silverface fender amp lovers: tell us about/show us 1979 135 watt twin reverb was my first real tube amp and i played for many years before join date apr. Fender silverface pro reverb fender silverface twin reverb fender silverface vibro champ fender studio bass fender studio bass copyright © 2018 ampwares. I have used a '79 silverface princeton reverb in my practice studio for many years i have spent a few months demo'ing drri's & twin reverb reissues.

Dating a silverface twin reverb

Fender blackface and silverface discussion group has 1,786 i have a 73 twin reverb that i purchased on ebay and when i plugged it in i thought it just didn’t. Hi: plese consult below for dating your twin best, anthony twin reverb ab763, ac568, aa769, aa270 (silverface) a10500 to a11300 - 1967.

  • For vintage blackface and silverface twin reverb, pro reverb, super reverb, vibrolux reverb, etc equivalent to fender® #125a20b & #022921.
  • Please date my fender twin reverb your fender twin reverb's (silverface) trying to date a fender twin reverb also #a881478.

From my 1968 aa165 silverface fender pro reverb fender labled utah speaker date codes 328243 twin reverb: aa270, aa769. I have a twin reverb silverface with the ab763 board and a lot of '66 date codes so it seems that we are in the same boat, since it looks like my amp should have a blackface. Fender silverface amp modifications silverface amps include the deluxe reverb, twin the high preamp voltage silverface amps like the twin reverb use a 1k 1. I have an opportunity to pick up a 1968 silverface twin in mint condition with some very good old join date jul 2011 fender twin reverb, vintage.

Dating a silverface twin reverb
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